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Class Descriptions & Attire

​Hip Hop focuses on the creativity of body isolations that are intertwined with musicality. Classical technique is not a focus in this class. Classes study the various styles of hip-hop. Students will love the high energy that hip hop brings.
​Attire: Comfortable dance or athletic wear/converse-style shoes. Please no street attire.



Blends the technique of ballet and a focus on the story of the song. Unlike traditional ballet, dancers are performed to music with words, with a blend of ballet and jazz dance techniques.
Attire​: Any color of leotard and tights, pink ballet shoes for girls, and black ballet shoes for boys. Hair must be in a bun for ALL ballet- only classes.


All the energy of Jazz PLUS poms! Basic Jazz technique will be taught, including jumps and turns as well as positions and steps of pom.

Attire​: Any leotard with tights and dance pants, shorts, or skirt. Tan slip on Jazz shoes. 

A brilliant class that allows children to develop strength, technique, coordination, and balance through exploratory and artistic process.  Children will learn how to use their creativity to enhance their movement. Especially created for children this class offers a wonderful educational look at movement. 
Attire​: Leotard with any dance pants, shorts or skirt and bare feet.

Students learn a variety of jumps, somersaults, handstands, back-bends, cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, back handsprings, and aerials developing strength, balance, and coordination.
Attire​: Leotard with shorts and bare feet.

Body alignment, strength, strong technique, foot articulation, grace, and control are just a few of the things focused on.  Ballet is the basic dance form for all styles of dance because of the strong focus on technique.  Classes begin at the barre, progress to the center, and then to move across the floor combinations.  Correct ballet terminology is stressed in all levels.  We use a nationally recognized classical graded ballet system in all classes. 
Attire​: Any color leotard and tights, pink ballet shoes for girls and black for boys. Hair must be in a bun for ALL ballet only classes.

reat for all ages!  Tap focuses on the rhythms that are articulated through the feet. From beginners to advanced levels the students are taught turns, intricate footwork, precision, speed, and musicality.  Center floor combinations and various across the floor turns are introduced from beginner through professional level.  Correct tap terminology is taught at all levels on a graded tap system. 
Attire​: Any leotard with tights and dance pants, shorts or skirt. Black tap shoes.
Jazz tap shoes are required for Level 3 & $ and are recommended for Level 1 & 2.

If you like Tap, you will LOVE Clogging! Clogging is a percussive dance form like tap, keeping time with the downbeat. Highly energetic and fun!
Attire:​ Any leotard with tights and dance pants, shorts or skirt. Clogging shoes or tap shoes may be worn.

Energy packed!  Jazz consists of stretching, conditioning, isolations, technique, and center floor combinations.  Across the floor patterns are taught at all levels.  Different combinations of kicks, jumps, turns, and leaps are introduced in all classes.  Jazz classes will study the different styles of jazz (precision, lyrical, pom, and musical theatre). 
Attire​: Any leotard with tights and dance pants, shorts or skirt. Tan slip on jazz shoes


Focuses on total body connectivity.  The class develops a dancer that is aware of core support, the space around them, different energy qualities, and it enhances creativity.  Developing the dancer in a holistic approach will increase their technique and expression.
Attire​: Leotard with shorts, capris or skirt. Bare feet.

This is a class for the beginning teen dancer. This class will teach Ballet basics and then also include Jazz technique across the floor.  This is a great class to start in when beginning dance.  This class will give the basic dance technique and challenge the student at a good pace. 
Attire​: Any leotard with tights and dance pants, shorts or skirt. Tan slip on jazz and pink ballet shoes.

Our Dynamic Connection Classes are for a committed group of dancers that represent our studio at conventions, competitions and events throughout the year. Contact us for more information.

Attire​: Black leotard with dance pants, shorts or skirt.  Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes and tan slip on jazz shoes.